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Our Curriculum

We offer classes from 3 years old to 6th grade. We follow the state standards that align with our Christian beliefs. In addition to standard core subjects, our students learn the Bible. 

We have developed our own Bible based curriculum that aligns literacy, math, and science skills to specific stories and books from the Bible. History and social studies are taught following a natural timeline. 

Teachers create hands-on lessons that are differentiated to meet the various learning styles and needs of the students. We supplement material and lessons from ABeka, Positive Action, Bob Jones, Purposeful Design, and A Helping Hand for example.

We teach the whole child: academic, social, emotional, and spiritual. 

We do not take state standardized assessments. We use ongoing formative assessments and authentic assessments to gauge student knowledge and progress. 

Our purpose is to develop life long learners who can be Christian leaders of the future.